We have been developing the Better-Traffic software for nearly five years. Since then, we've learned a lot about traffic management technology, how to engage users and optimize their shopping experience. Thanks to your efforts, the virtual queue is a reliable and enjoyable part of the shopping experience for users.
Aleksander Gołaszewski - Better-Traffic Founder & CEO
CEO & Founder Aleksander Gołaszewski

We effectively engage users

Many years of experience in the e-commerce industry and handling hundreds of sales, pre-sales and marketing campaigns of our clients, who refine the virtual queue for us so that users come first. Our system not only relieves our clients' servers - but above all effectively engages users. Thanks to this - even if I hit a distant place in the queue, I still activate until the very end and make a purchase. Nearly 70% of active users stay in the queue until the very end, and only - and only - an average of about 9% of buyers abandon the queue forever to get a purchase at another time.

Why does it work? First of all, we focus on users and we want to join them in a professional shopping experience. That is why we regularly conduct surveys and research and collect opinions from the market - this way we check first hand what the user requires and why they love us :)

What users ❤️ ?

  • I have reserved a checkout area
  • I can see how the queue is progressing
  • The store does not freeze or slow down
  • I shop calmly and without stress
  • Other answers

Conversion efficiency

Direct redirect 72%
Quit queue + return to page 19%
Abandoning the queue, irreversible 9%
  • Direct redirect
  • Quit queue + return to page 19%
  • Abandoning the queue, irreversible

Learn more

Below is a list of the most required documents and frequently asked questions that will allow you to explore knowledge about the virtual queue better traffic.


Better traffic is a software dedicated to Web applications, so it will be perfect for handling traffic in your store or website, regardless of the technology (SPA / PWA / WWW). Currently, better traffic does not support native mobile applications - we also do not plan to develop our software in this direction in the near future.

Better traffic currently allows you to activate only one queue on one website (domain) at a time. However, you can change the configuration of the queue at any time, so it is not a problem to handle several different domains and several different queues from one account - provided that they will not be run in parallel (at the same time). In addition, better traffic user accounts are registered for a natural or legal entity, which means that you can operate a virtual queue for several different domains (websites or online stores), as long as you are their legal owner, otherwise they will be billed individually or will require setting up an individual account in the better-traffic system.

We use self-scaling servers in the data cloud to manage resources and scale applications. Appropriate resources and reserves for scaling (Cloudlets) are allocated to individual application nodes (server, database, load balancer). A single cloudlet corresponds to the server resources of 128MB of operational memory and a processor clock speed of 400Mhz. A single application node (e.g. a database) in its basic configuration can work with a maximum of 128 Cloudlets, which corresponds to exactly 16 GB of memory and a processor clock speed of 51.2 GHz. Converting this into users, so far our most crowded queues, which served tens of thousands of users at the same time, used less than 13% of our servers' resources - in their basic configuration :) Also, we are ready for anything!

All you have to do is implement the virtual queue script on your website or online store and the collection will be active by default. You can deactivate it in the administration panel at any time. The virtual queue will start automatically for each user who exceeds the set limit of users who can be on the website / website / www store at the same time. You don't need to set anything else, just observe the statistics with satisfaction :)

The entire implementation rests on the shoulders of our team. On your part, we expect you to choose the type of cooperation and the design of the appearance of the waiting room.

The -better traffic software is based on the following technology stack:

  • MariaDB - A database used by the application to store data on users' positions in the queue, generate reports and segment data in the dashboard of the administration panel.
  • Node.js - Efficient and uncompromising technology used to program the application server. Applications based on node.js handle traffic asynchronously (which means that they can perform many queries at the same time - at once, while applications based on PHP, for example, queue queries and serve them sequentially. Better traffic service, thanks to the use of node.js technology has been programmed in such a way as to handle up to 70,000 queries at the same time!
  • Nginx - used as the application's load balancer - it is he who "decides" whether the user should be redirected to the queue or to your website.
  • Vue.js - based on the vue.js framework, the administration panel of the better-traffic website was programmed.

If you want to know the price list of the better traffic virtual queue service, please contact us via the form at the bottom of the page or by phone.


Software roadmap

Currently, nearly five years after the launch of our product, the better traffic software is available to our customers in version 3.1.1. Upcoming software updates include, to a large extent, the addition of modules that will allow users in the virtual queue to be even more involved. At the same time, we focus on feedback from our customers and introduce key improvements and functionalities.

2023 Q3 ver.3.1.2

Additional features engaging the users.

2023 Q4 ver.3.2.0

Software integration better traffic with Google Translate API - development in foreign markets.

2024 Q1 ver.3.2.1

Software development in response to Feedback from the market.

2024 Q2 Maintenance

Software development in response to Feedback from the market.

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